We don't do much blogging these days, what with novel writing and an active two year old keeping us busy, but we thought a quick update was in order. This summer we're releasing four novels.

The first, Magic Hunter, was released on May 17th. It's also the first in The Vampire's Mage Series. 

The second book releases on the 15th of June. It's called Witches of the Deep and is the final book in the Memento Mori Trilogy--our Young Adult series. We're pretty excited about finishing a whole series of novels!

In July we're releasing Infernal Magic, the third book of the summer. It should be out a few days after the 4th of July. Like Magic Hunter, it's the first book in a brand new series. 

The forth book will be Witch Hunter coming in August. If you guessed that it's the sequel to Magic Hunter, you're right.

These are all set in the same world, so you can delve in deep with three series!