C. N. Crawford is not one person but two. We write our novels collaboratively, passing our laptops back and forth to edit each other's words.

Christine (C) has a lifelong interest in New England folklore - with a particular fondness for creepy old cemeteries. Nick (N) spent his childhood reading fantasy and science fiction which may partly explain why he is also a scientist.

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Our covers are designed by Carlos QuevedoShayne Rutherford, Lee DignamClarissa Yeo, and Rebecca Frank.  


The Witching Elm, A Witch's Feast, and Witches of the Deep were edited by John Hart.

Magic Hunter, Infernal Magic, and Witch Hunter were edited by Tammi Labrecque.

Nocturnal Magic was edited by Jena O'Connor.

Audio & Foreign Rights:

Enquiries regarding audio rights and foreign literary rights of the Demons of Fire and Night and The Vampire's Mage series the can be sent to our agent Sarah Hershman